Website verification services- Finding the perfect fit for your needs

Online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. An important part of legitimacy and trustworthiness online is having a verified website. Website verification services your website is verified by a trusted third-party organization, giving your site credibility and assuring visitors that you are saying you are. 

SSL certificates 

The most common and essential verification is the SSL certificate, which shows a padlock icon in the browser bar and uses an HTTPS web address. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates encrypt data transfer between your website server and visitors’ browsers, secure transactions and communications. They also authenticate your business by tying your domain name to your verified corporate identity. 

SSL certificates are issued by certificate authorities (CAs) like Comodo, DigiCert and GoDaddy. Prices range from around $50 – to $150 per year, with higher levels of authentication and security requiring more extensive verification (domain ownership, business registration, etc.). The level of SSL certificate you need depends on factors like whether you process payments on your site.

Site seal verification

Trust logos 먹튀검증 display third-party emblems confirming your website’s authenticity. They are clickable images linking to the verifying organization’s confirmation of your identity and legitimacy.  Well-known providers include Norton Secured, TrustedSite, Bizrate Insights, and Web Trust. Prices start as low as $50 – $100 annually for basic domain authentication. Higher levels require more verification checks like financial and data security audits. Site seals build greater visitor confidence in your website.

Identity verification 

For websites dealing with sensitive user info, identity verification services confirm you are a real, registered business.  Leading identity verification providers include Jumio, Onfido, and Shufti Pro. Prices range from monthly fees of around $50+ for basic SaaS automated verifications, to thousands for customized integration with extensive manual verification. Strict identity verification builds trust with customers providing personal data.

Industry-specific verification

Some website verifications are specific to certain industries. For example:

  • Health websites can be verified by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation, confirming their reliability and transparency for medical info.
  • News organizations can apply for Google News Publisher verification to affirm their legitimacy as a news source.
  • Businesses with an eco-friendly mission can get verified through CleanGreenCertified to authenticate their environmental credentials and practices. 
  • Educational sites can get academically verified through Educator Pages to substantiate their status as authentic schools, colleges, teachers, etc.
  • Industry-specific verification shows visitors your website is genuine and reputable within your field.

Choosing the right verification 

With this overview of the main types of website verification services, how do you decide what’s best for your needs? Here are some key considerations:

  1. What level of security and identity verification is essential for your business – Is basic domain authentication sufficient, or do you need extensive, manual document and background checks?
  2. Does your website process financial transactions or exchange sensitive user information? If so, SSL and identity verification are highly recommended.
  3. Do you operate in an industry with specialized verification services? Getting verified through an authority in your specific sector can boost trust and credibility. 
  4. What are visitors to your website most concerned about? Use verifications that directly address your customers’ worries and questions.
  5. What fits your budget, both currently and as your website grows in the future? Can you easily upgrade your verifications as needed evaluating your website goals, target audience, industry, and budget, of verifications to legitimize your online presence?

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