Useful Tips to Save On Printer Ink Consumption and Costs

Printer ink is expensive, especially for those who print in bulk. However, there are ways to save on printer ink consumption and costs. The tips are a no-brainer yet money saver.

Invest in high capacity ink cartridges 

Ink cartridges are available in different versions. There are regular ink cartridges and high-capacity variants called XL or HC to choose from. Choosing high-capacity ink reduces the per page printing cost significantly. For more printing needs XL ink cartridges are an ideal choice, but if printing is less then they can dry out.

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Choose double packs or multiple packs

Several online stores offer ink cartridges in double packs, multi-packs, promo packs, value packs, etc. It applies to original and alternative cartridges. You can save 10% to 30% as well as have a supply set handy for eliminating that empty cartridge situation.

Buy compatible ink cartridges

If you use copies and printouts for a short time within the office, then you can buy compatible alternatives. They offer significant cost savings when compared to original products from the printer manufacturer. However, those who want high-quality prints need to stick with original products.

Choose draft mode printing program

There are different printing programs available in printers and copiers. Presentation quality uses more ink than the setting print in design. Economy mode means reduce print resolution and less ink is automatically used. For internal documents and test prints use this mode.

Use certain fonts

Fonts include thick lines, wide letters, many curls, and the san serif uses more ink. You need to ignore Arial, Trebuchet, and Tahoma because they use lots of ink. Garamond and Century Gothic can lessen printing costs by 30%. Choosing smaller font sizes helps to save ink and paper.

Monochrome or color printing – choose wisely

Print black & white to save ink. Consider if your need is for color copies or not. Colored prints are significantly more costly than monochrome prints. Even colored cartridges are costlier. Many printers offer a grayscale option but ink cannot be saved because colors are used. Greyscales are got from using all the colors.

Only print what is really needed

Many people find reading paper better than reading screen content. Even with the approval of digital signatures people still find printouts more binding. Printed documents are easy to mark correct, and forward. Tax-relevant documents are printed and filed. Consider if the document really needs to be printed. The irrelevant document, emails, etc. don’t need prints. Optimize workplace ergonomics to save on unnecessary print cost.

Never replace ink cartridge at the first message

Ink level is low message needs to be considered skeptically. Never replace it instantly because the ink cartridge is nearly empty. Instead, remove the cartridge and give it a shake horizontally. The toner powder within the cartridge will be distributed and usually, the printing is continued for sometimes without errors.

Invest in ink tank printers, if your printing needs are more rather than inkjet because down the road they are cost-effective and durable. Refill ink in the tank as many times as you want or until the plastic body of the cartridge looks physically worn out.