The Need for Trusted Age Verification For Cannabis Sales

Various states in the US now allow the use of cannabis or marijuana for recreational use. This growing acceptance of recreational drugs increases the need to implement its restrictions and limitations properly. Particularly, cannabis sellers need to carry out stricter and stronger age verification measures in their online platforms. 

Regulations only allow the sale and possession of recreational marijuana to individuals aged 21 and above. Various studies have emphasized the dangers of marijuana use on teens. As much as possible, cannabis sellers must do their part in preventing underaged individuals from getting access to these drugs.

In usual practice, companies online verify the age of buyers by requiring users to enter their age or birthdate or submit a picture of their IDs. With the former, it is ineffective as anyone can lie about the information they present. The latter is also inadvisable because they can fake their IDs, and the company cannot verify its genuineness without cross-checking the details.

Fortunately, the challenge of validating that the buyers are of legal age can now be solved using the right technology. Identity verification solutions like Proof™ by authID eliminate the weaknesses of the conventional age checking methods. 

Proof™ uses automated document validation to check whether the presented ID exists. It also deploys anti-spoofing liveness confirmation and facial biometric matching to verify that the buyer is present at the time of authentication and is the real ID owner.

In contrast to the usual methods, the solution is more effective in verifying a buyer’s age. It does not rely on inputs that users can forge or lie about. Rather, it validates documents and biometric attributes for legitimacy. As a result, cannabis dispensaries attain compliance with regulations.

Get more information about the need for age verification for cannabis sales and where to get a strong identity authentication solution in an infographic by authID.

The Need for Trusted Age Verification For Cannabis Sales