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Aaron Wall’s Search engine optimization Book has had the internet by storm. The straightforward verdict could it be must contain some really helpful info because online marketers keep on promoting it and individuals continue purchasing it. This, however, isn’t a overview of it but of their affiliate marketing program.

There’s two potential revenue streams available while using Search engine optimization Book.

  1. By Selling the Search engine optimization Book.
  2. By second Tier Earnings.

Surprisingly the second Tier Salary is not described at length around the primary page. I’ve looked everywhere to obtain the number of commission that’s earned from second tier affiliates however with no luck. It’s scarcely spoken about around the internet which is ‘blacked out’ and it is ‘unclickable’ within the people area. This really is most likely because during the time of penning this I’ve no second tier affiliates. Given that virtually everyone in internet affiliate marketing has made the decision to market it instead of get second tier affiliates its pretty safe to visualize that this is an excellent approach to take.

Note: This may mean there’s too little competition in recruiting new affiliates so it might be really worth trying it this way rather/too.

Summary of Advantages and disadvantages


  • The very first factor which makes me instantly such as the Search engine optimization Book affiliate marketing program is you get $20 deposited to your account only for registering. The issue is that you simply can’t withdraw it until you achieve $50, and that means you must make 2 sales first. Pretty sneaky, but difficult to resist.
  • Our prime stable commissions. You receive compensated a set rate of $25 for every Search engine optimization Book offered using your link. Since Search engine optimization Book it self costs only $80 this can be a pretty high commission.
  • The respectable status. Search engine optimization Book is really a well known affiliate marketing program you are able to be assured they are not ‘con men’ and supply a dependable service.
  • The simplicity of making sales. The Search engine optimization Book is pertinent to any or all webmasters. Whether your internet site is a ‘make money online’ site or perhaps is a web-based sofa store, Search engine optimization Book is desirable. What this means is there’s an enormous quantity of potential customers and for those who have multiple sites in various niches you are able to advertise it on these.

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