Purple Hearts thought after watching the film

Directed by Elizabeth Allen, purple hearts opened on July 29, 2022. Although it only opened for a few days, it has to be said that this is a very good film. The heroine in it is very impressive, and I believe many people will fall in love with her. If you want to watch Purple Hearts online. You can click ”download movies free” to watch.

Introduction to Purple Hearts’s Plot

Kathy Salazar (Sophia Carson) lives on her art. When she is not at the dinner table, she will play music with her band “loyalty” and write songs at the same time. Lack of funds; All her income is used to pay rent and other bills, not to mention her continuous struggle with diabetes and the economic pressure it brings to her life.

A marine friend of Kathy came back for a short vacation before deployment. She came up with an idea of fake marriage, which benefited both parties. As a military spouse, she will receive full medical insurance, and he will receive additional remuneration. Her friend Frankie doesn’t like the idea because he’s already with others, but Luke (Nicholas galizin) who lives in Frankie’s house decides to accept Cassie’s invitation. Luke’s life before the Marine Corps was not good, so he owed a lot of money to his former dealer.

Cassie and Luke often clashed. She doesn’t like the army and the women hating treatment she gets from some men. Although Luke agrees with her, he also believes that there is a better way to deal with differences than constant quarreling. Carson and galijin actually have a good romantic chemistry. When their characters adapt to each other’s lives, these moments and dialogues will become a charming watch. The film uses a lot of close-up shots in these romantic moments. If the actors don’t stand up and complete the task, these close-up shots may fail. Fortunately, they did.

Purple Hearts Review

Just as we already know that Kathy and Luke will love each other, you who like romantic novels should know that their story follows a classic romantic metaphor: convenient marriage. Yes, Luke and Cassie agreed to a marriage arrangement that they believed was beneficial to both sides, but this friendly agreement will eventually become something more.