Facebook Ad Vs. Google As – Suggestion From Expert Digital Internet Marketing

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There are a lot of differences between Facebook ads and Google ads. If you are looking for the best platform to promote your business, this article is for you. Before you invest your hard-earned money in Expert Digital Internet Marketing services for promoting your business, go through the differences between Facebook ads and Google ads.

Google Ads: Paid Search

Google ad or Google Adwords is one of the largest PPC platforms. The Google AdWord has become synonymous with the ‘paid search.’ Paid search generally focuses on keywords and the use of text-based advertisements Google Ads, and the advertiser typically uses the bids in terms of keywords so their ads can get displayed in search queries.

When the users click on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged with money.

Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Facebook ads or paid social involve advertising on social networks. Facebook has the highest number of active users in the world. Facebook and Google advertisers both use the internet to spread their business or promote it. As per the Expert Digital Internet Marketing

The paid search helps firms find new customers, whereas the paid social helps them find companies where they are interested.

Differences Between Google Ad And Facebook Ad Based On Some Important Aspects

Now you have a basic idea about the Google Ad or paid search, and Facebook as or paid social. To make a wise decision between them, you can come up with the following differences shared by top Lead Generation Agency:

Audience Size

Both Google and Facebook have a high number of active users. So, making a decision based on audience size is not recommended for you. If you want to leverage your ad campaign on Google and Facebook, then make sure about two things:

  • Whether the product is search or social oriented.
  • Where your target audience spends more time.

Facebook will be a better option than Google to launch your new product or brand.

Buyer Intent

In terms of buyer intent, Google is priced as more effective than Facebook. For example, if you need a technician, you will search on Google. As per the query, Google will place ads in front of you. In that case, they will not use Facebook as they have got their answer through Google ads.

Cost AndROI

In terms of ad formats, you will find more options on Facebook. In the case of Google Ads, you can only win the attention of some new customers. Additionally, you can make your ad through the ad extension to get more options. But working with Google Ads, these options are limited.

But through Facebook, you can add visual impact to the message using image-based ads. Facebook allows its appetizers to use various ad formats that eliminate ‘ad fatigue’. Apart from that, you will get the following benefits from using Facebook ads.

  • Engagement Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Facebook Pixel Etc.

Wrapping Up

The Facebook ads will benefit people who are new in the e-com business and want to increase brand awareness. Facebook allows you to use various customization options that make your ads more attractive to others. Google ads will benefit you if you have gained a potential customer base and are looking for new customers through SEO Services. I hope the article will help you decide the most suitable one for your business.

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