Email Validation Tool: What Is It and What Benefits Do You Get?

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Email validation is an integral step of a well-designed marketing campaign. With the help of email validation, it is possible to verify and check the accuracy of the email addresses that you have. By using the high-quality tool for this purpose, you can quickly reduce the number of bounced emails. To get the best results with cold email outreach, you should always improve your email lists, and here’s what you have to know. 

Why is an email validation tool so crucial?

There is nothing worse than spending your money and time on creating outreach campaigns to then discover that some of the emails have been misspelled while others are simply inactive. According to the statistics, no more than 10% of email addresses, especially those typed manually, are correct. The number is astounding but not too surprising. For this reason, the use of the email validation tool cannot be underestimated. 

If you are looking for a reliable email validation tool, you should look into the one from Reply. With the help of this service, email check is performed quickly and without effort on your part. You can learn more information about the tool by clicking here:

Advantages of effective email validation

The main benefits associated with the use of email validation services include such:

  • Reduced mailing cost

Properly checking your emails allows you to save money and time. You will get a higher level of deliverability, so more people will be able to see your letters the first time you send them. It also means that your team will spend less time fixing the problems and constantly updating the databases. 

  • Getting the best leads

Emailing leads that will not turn into clients is a waste of time. By validating email addresses you will be a lot more likely to reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

  • Receiving accurate statistics

Statistics are important, as they give you an understanding of how your business is performing. You will not be able to get accurate statistical information if half of the addresses on your email list are invalid. 

  • Protecting your reputation as a sender

When you rely on ESPs, you should be confident that you have the best reputation score. By using a clean and accurate list of emails, you will be able to enhance your reputation. Having a low score can minimize the overall email deliverability, which is far from ideal. 

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